The Shopping Spree Haven’s e-commerce initiative

Enhancing Business operations for an E- commerce business

laptop computer displaying Mango pants
laptop computer displaying Mango pants

Insights gained from this will help in better decision making and increase in revenue growth, improve order processing time, thus increase in customer satisfaction. Also, it will help identify and increase in cross-selling opportunities, boosting overall sales and customer engagement.

Problem Statement

Improving Business Operations through data analysis and understanding user behavior.

Techniques / Skills

MS SQL, Data Exploration, Data Extraction, Data Cleaning and Transformation


Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS)

Please check the this link SQL Project file - https://github.com/anupsinghgahlod/SSHInc.ecomm

GitHub link

Measurable Outcomes

  • Increase in revenue growth.

  • Improving order processing time (increasing customer satisfaction)

  • Increase in cross-selling opportunities, boosting overall sales and customer engagement.

  • By effectively utilizing data and implementing the insights gained from their e-commerce operations, SSH Inc. envisions significant improvements in various aspects of their business, leading to sustained growth and success in the competitive market.


Improved Decision Making: By analyzing data from different sources, SSH Inc. can make more informed and data-driven decisions for their e-commerce platform and physical store, resulting in enhanced efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Optimized Processes: The data operations performed on the organized dataset, including data cleaning, transformation, and extraction, will help identify areas for process improvement. By streamlining operations, the company can increase productivity and reduce operational costs.

Enhanced Customer Understanding: The insights gained from data exploration and customer behavior analysis will allow SSH Inc. to better understand their customers' preferences, shopping patterns, and needs. This understanding can lead to personalized marketing strategies and improved customer experiences.