Empowering students to find affordable accommodation

brown and black concrete building
brown and black concrete building

Student accommodation application facilitating flexible credit check option to provide the ability to students to afford accommodation using Get your Place app

Many students struggle to find affordable accommodation due to limited options and the lack of flexibility in credit check requirements, leading to housing difficulties.

Problem Statement


Measurable Outcomes


Techniques /Skills


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Increased accessibility to student accommodation and improved affordability demonstrated by metrics such as:

  • Increased number of available accommodation options for students.

  • Reduced time spent on credit checks for students.

  • Higher acceptance rates for students seeking accommodation.

  • The decreased financial burden on students due to flexible credit check options.

  • Improved student satisfaction with the accommodation search process.

AccommoStu is a groundbreaking student accommodation application that caters to both domestic and international students, providing them with a seamless platform to find suitable and verified accommodations. The app is designed to empower students with different budgets by offering multiple payment options in various currencies, making it easier for them to afford accommodations.

The core problem addressed by AccommoStu is the struggle many students face in finding affordable housing due to inflexible credit check requirements and limited options. By introducing a flexible credit check option, the app opens up a world of possibilities for students, enabling them to access accommodations that fit their financial capabilities.

To foster trust and transparency between students and homeowners, AccommoStu facilitates direct communication and property booking. The app ensures that students can communicate with homeowners easily, leading to increased trustworthiness and reliability in the accommodation search process.

Moreover, the app relieves students of financial burdens through flexible credit check options, ensuring they can secure accommodations without undue stress. This improvement in the accommodation search process enhances student satisfaction, making AccommoStu the go-to app for finding affordable and reliable housing.

In conclusion, AccommoStu is a transformative student accommodation app that addresses the pressing issue of housing difficulties faced by students. Through its innovative approach and measurable outcomes, the app empowers students to access affordable and verified accommodations, making their college experience more comfortable and fulfilling.

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